TCG Employment Opportunities

TCG emphasizes experience, professionalism and customer service. Being a smaller organization that directly competes with much larger consulting entities, TCG differentiates its services by dedicating an experienced team of consultants to each client that is focused on a synergistic, quick, efficient, and successful implementation of the SAP software.

The TCG work ethic, together with its series of implementation successes and unwavering dedication to the SAP software product, have earned TCG the reputation as a leader in quality SAP implementations and the honor of being a National Implementation Partner of SAP America, Inc. and a member of TeamSAP. We are proud of these achievements, as we are very different from many of the other SAP consulting organizations in the market. We may be relatively small, but nobody beats our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

At TCG we believe that our team approach to consulting assignments is not only in the very best interest of our clients, because it allows us to work most effectively, but it also provides us the greatest enjoyment of our work. A TCG team of experienced consultants works with a client from the initial stages of its project until a successful implementation of the SAP software has been achieved. Implementing SAP within a synergistic and successful team of motivated and empowered individuals can be a lot of fun.

TCG is looking for talented, motivated candidates to join its fast growing team in the following areas:

  • Application Consultant- Sales and Distribution

  • Application Consultant- Materials Management

  • Application Consultant- Production Planning

  • Application Consultant- Finance and Controlling

  • Technical Consultant- Basis and ABAP

If interested in these openings, please feel free to send your resume or your questions related to employment opportunities at TCG to

TCG Employment Benefits

Team Consulting Group, Inc. is very different from many other SAP consulting organizations. Compared with other larger consulting organizations, we focus on efficient and successful client projects, not on administrative overhead and inter-office politics. Our company owners are part of the implementing teams and very easy to access. Compared with other smaller SAP consulting firms, we differentiate ourselves by our team approach, where most of the other firms we have seen have more body-shop-oriented practices.

Besides being part of a successful and fun-to-work-with team of experienced and professional individuals TCG offers the following benefits to it’s employees:

  • Competitive Salary and Bonus Package
  • Full Health coverage for the whole family with choices including PPO, Rx, Dental, Life and Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Fully qualified 401K plan with Employer match on first 3% of the Salary
  • Four weeks of vacation per year

  • We provide SAP classes and other training as necessary.