Business Resource Group


Business Resource Group

Business Resource Group (BRG) is a leading provider of workspace products and services
to companies of varying sizes and requirements. BRG customers select new and refurbished office furnishings and facilities-related services through consultative relationships with its direct sales representatives and on-staff professionals. BRG was founded in Northern California’s Silicon Valley. Originally known as Business Interiors, the corporate name was changed to Business Resource Group at the time of the public offering in June, 1995 (Nasdaq:BRGP). BRG’s total net revenues for fiscal year 1999 were $125 million. The Company has offices in San Jose (HQ), San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Business Environment

Business Resource Group is a distributor of various lines of workspace products (Knoll, Teknion, Hon, Kimball, Harpers, National, etc.) and space-design services. From an office of four walls, BRG can design, project manage, acquire, move and install all furniture and fixtures an office of any size, shape and budget would require. From its headquarters in San Jose, CA, BRG conducts business throughout the United States.

In late 1998, BRG made a decision to implement the SAP R/3 system to replace a series of existing; systems and become Y2K compliant. BRG, expanding rapidly; from internal growth and acquisition, realized it was in need of an integrated information management; system that could tie business at various geographic sites together, while also being able to provide; specific procurement, installation project management accounting, and order entry functionality. There was also the need to think toward the future to allow incorporation of any
new entities that; BRG was considering, or had already, acquired.

SAP R/3 Implementation

BRG opted to implement the SAP R/3 system simultaneously across all United States operations. The modules MM, SD, FI, CO, PS were implemented. In effect BRG runs its entire operational; business (with the exception of specialized CAD design systems), and a
significant portion of its; administrative business, utilizing SAP R/3 software.

Support Teams

Shortly after implementation, BRG realized that it would like to develop a long term relationship with a highly experienced team of SAP consulting professionals who possess deep SAP R/3
implementation, project management and functional knowledge. After being referred, BRG turned to Team Consulting Group, Inc. to provide this expertise. Since then TCG has become the exclusive SAP consulting support partner utilized by BRG. Working side by side with BRG, TCG helps BRG on specific projects that require detailed expertise or additional resources. Whether it is merging new companies, upgrading to new releases, kicking off EDI projects, TCG has had the depth, breadth, and resources to help BRG be successful. This demonstrates the flexibility and experience of TCG consultants that allows them to enter a project, regardless of the phase, and begin to assess, evaluate, recommend and execute solutions that truly add value for each and every client.


The Business Resource Group project took nine months from start to go-live.