ThermoQuest Corporation


ThermoQuest Corporation

ThermoQuest Corporation (TMQ) is a company led by scientists working to support laboratory
professionals with the most reliable products and services available. ThermoQuest’s product
offerings include mass spectrometers, liquid chromatographs, gas chromatographs and hyphenated multi-instrument combinations of these products, as well as a complete range of
advanced software solutions. In addition, the company develops and distributes consumable supplies for the chromatography industry. ThermoQuest Corporation is a private subsidiary of
Thermo Electron (NYSE: TMO).

Business Environment

ThermoQuest Corporation manufactures, markets,distributes, and services mass, liquid and gas chromatographs. In addition TMQ sells consumable materials which are used during
operation of such analytical equipment. In the United States, primary physical operations are
located in California, Texas and Florida.

In 1999 ThermoQuest made a decision to implement the SAP R/3 system to replace a series of existing systems and become Y2K compliant. ThermoQuest, a subsidiary of multi-billion dollar Thermo Electron, was in need of an integrated information management system that could tie its various geographic sites together, while also being able to provide specific manufacturing, sales, and service information functionality. There was also the need to think toward the future to allow incorporation of entities into the TMQ arena outside of the three United States operations.

SAP R/3 Implementation

ThermoQuest opted to implement the SAP R/3 system simultaneously across all United States operations and sites (3). The following modules were implemented: MM, SD, FI, CO, SM. In
effect TMQ runs its entire operational business, and a significant portion of its administrative business utilizing SAP R/3 software.

Support Teams

Shortly after implementation, ThermoQuest realized that it would benefit from assistance by highly experienced consulting professionals with deep SAP R/3 implementation and project management experience. TMQ turned to Team Consulting Group, Inc. to provide this expertise at a critical point in the project lifecycle. TCG helped TMQ identify key areas requiring attention, prioritize tasks, monitor progress, and keep executive management apprised of progress being made. Within months, ThermoQuest began to utilize the SAP system more effectively and in a way that better fit its business requirements. This demonstrates the flexibility and experience of TCG consultants that allows them to enter a project, regardless of the phase, and begin to
assess, evaluate, recommend and execute solutions that truly add value for each and every client.


The ThermoQuest project took nine months from start to go-live.